packaged in an retro cigar-style box,
this shoe-shine kit is so comprehensive
it includes black and neutral polishes, several brushes and that all important buffing cloth.
shoe shine kit includes:
 17cm (l) x 3.5cm (h) x 4.5cm (w) - No 1 Brush.
 17cm(l)x 3.5cm (h) x 4.5cm (w) - No 2 Brush.
 15cm (l) x 3.5cm (h) x 4.5cm (w) -Dauber.
 2 x Tins of Black shoe polish.
 Neutral Polish.
 27.5cm (l) x 27.5cm (w) - Polishing Cloth.

Box dimensions: 28cm (l) x 5.7cm (h) x 17.5cm (w)


gentlemen's hardware shoe polish box

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